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Hey, I'm Angela Porrelli

I help busy moms in real estate build top producing careers through organic lead generation

In order to help as many moms as possible, I have created a few ways we can partner together!

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Think You Know eXp Realty?
Well, There’s a Whole Lot More

Have you ever noticed how the big players at many brokerages get the best deals? You know, better caps, nicer splits - especially if they’re bringing in the big bucks. Makes sense on one level, but it's not exactly fair to everyone else, right? It keeps the top dogs on top, while the rest are left trying to catch up.But here's where eXp Realty shines. We treat every agent the same, no matter how much business they bring in or how long they’ve been in the game. Same split, same cap for everyone. Fair's fair, right?
Here’s how it works:

- 80/20 commission split
- $16,000 company cap, then $250 USD / $285 CDN transaction fee (Once capped transaction fees total $5000 USD / $5700 CDN, the capped transaction fee is reduced to $75 USD/CDN
- $149 USD / $199 CDN start up fee
- $85/mo USD / $139/mo CDN Cloud Brokerage fee
- $25 USD / $29 CDN broker review per transaction
- $40 USD risk management fee per transaction with - $500 USD annual cap (may vary by state)
$17 CDN commercial insurance fee per transaction (may vary province by province)

If you want to access private coaching and further trainings for free, you can partner with Angela by joining EXP Realty. By using the provided link above and having Angela as your sponsor, you'll not only unlock these benefits but also gain access to valuable training materials on financial matters, master entrepreneurship as a CEO in your own business, and receive ready-to-use email templates.

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